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Welcome to my site!

You can browse my work and order prints in the ‘Photos‘ page.

See also my original cameras in ‘Custom Cameras‘, some of which I will soon be offering for sale.

About me:

Back in  2003 I discovered a passion for photography when I received a gift of a Pentax K1000 slr.

Since then I have experimented with various cameras and formats from 35mm all the way to 8×10″. I have learned to develop all formats both b&w and colour. I design, construct and shoot with my own original cameras too, such as the Slit-scan SLR and 6×17 Panoramic pinhole camera.

I shoot both digital and film and while I keep abreast of the latest digital advances it’s the film photography that really appeals to me. Pinhole photography accounts for a large portion of my work and since I started shooting pinhole in 2005 it has revealed  seemingly endless creative possibilities. Working with film and self made cameras allows me to experiment and seek out new ways to photograph.

I’m Irish and live near Nantes (France) with my wife and daughter. Since our move to France I have decided to pursue photography full time,  having previously worked as an engineer for 15 years. My engineering background feeds nicely into my camera-making/hacking.

You can also find me on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. I also blog regularly here.

Email: jamesguerinphoto(at)gmail(dot)



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