6×17 now CNC built

The RealitySosubtle 6×17 panoramic pinhole camera is now manufactured using a CNC router. This allows much more precision than I could previously achieve using manual methods. I can also now offer a personalized name engraving service. New features include:

  • engraved aiming lines and logo
  • Name engraving option (+18)
  • beveled edges all around so no sharp corners
  • aiming lines for upper and lower pinhole now both printed on both sides of camera
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4×5″ Pinhole updated..

I’ve made some changes to the RealitySoSubtle 4×5″ pinhole camera. I’ve been having trouble finding a good supply of walnut so I’ve decided to change the material of the front face and shutters. The front face is now made from a 4mm wood effect vinyl tile and the shutter from 3mm high impact polystyrene (HIP). These materials are waterproof and extremely durable. You can find out more here!



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New for 2015!

The RealitySoSubtle 6×6 will be available here in early 2015. This pinhole camera shoots 12 square images on a roll of 120 film.

RealitySoSubtle 6x6

Features include:

  • High impact polystyrene construction
  • 20mm focal length
  • Laser drilled pinholes mounted in brass discs
  • Central and rise (15mm offset) pinhole (f/133)
  • Top-loader
  • Bubble level
  • Sliding shutters
  • Tripod mount
  • Captive thumb screws for top plate fixation
  • Winds film in both directions

I’m currently shooting some test images and will provide some samples soon…

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Laser drilled Pinholes

I’m now supplying these top quality laser drilled pinholes mounted in brass discs. Sizes 0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5mm  in stock now.  All €6 each including worldwide shipping.

More here!


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6×17 Example: Zeb Andrews

Here’s another awesome panorama made with the RealitySoSuble 6×17 by Zeb Andrews.

(Click for larger view on Zeb’s flickr).
Never as solid as the places I was

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Latest 6×17’s

Here’s the latest 6×17. A few changes including new tripod mount, rubber feet and black shutter pulls.



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